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Archive for August 7, 2011

Tennant Creek

We were very glad to reach here because driving all day, one day after another is hard work for us oldies. 🙂

Each time we’ve come to the NT we’ve been surprised by all the little fires which seem to be burning unattended.

It’s the first time we’ve seen anyone this high up a marble.

Out of sequence but you can look on a map to find out why. We had delicious Mango Icecream at the Red Centre Mango Farm, at Ti Tree. The weather is perfect for ice-cream. Big Jacaranda Tree in front of a vineyard. Jeans will be packed away now.

Alice Springs

Were amazed by the wetlands between Marla and Kulgera, we’ve never seen water there beside the road before.

Heavitree Gap looked amazing, as usual.

This Port Lincoln Parrot was very relaxed in the campground, unlike us. Too many barking dogs and strange residents.

Only stayed one night in Alice, had to leave in a hurry, Alex is too fond of 4WD accessory shops and we have no room for anything else. He did manage to smuggle in another jack and a big, yellow funnel though. I find the cultural clash too hard to cope with but we did have a memorable meal which took ages to arrive then arrived in duplicate!