Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Tennant Creek

We were very glad to reach here because driving all day, one day after another is hard work for us oldies. 🙂

Each time we’ve come to the NT we’ve been surprised by all the little fires which seem to be burning unattended.

It’s the first time we’ve seen anyone this high up a marble.

Out of sequence but you can look on a map to find out why. We had delicious Mango Icecream at the Red Centre Mango Farm, at Ti Tree. The weather is perfect for ice-cream. Big Jacaranda Tree in front of a vineyard. Jeans will be packed away now.

Comments on: "Tennant Creek" (2)

  1. Not us up on the rocks but a true “local”.

  2. Who was it up on the rocks? One of you I hope. Frustrating as finding the photo’s not clear as yours usually are. Could be our computer as one has gone caput and not game to fiddle with this one with my lack of knowledge. Have fun you oldies .

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