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Archive for August 9, 2011


Had a day of R&R at Tennant Creek, I would never have imagined I’d do that but it was fantastic to get ourselves organised. The Caravan Park had 2 “bathrooms” beside the pool and for the first night we had them to ourselves which was great.

Left Tennant early and stopped at Newcastle Waters again. The first time curiosity took us there but now we go back to visit the stockman. This year is the first time we’ve seen any water and the place was alive with waterbirds,the biggest egrets Ive ever seen but they were jittery and flew off before I could get a closeup.

Arrived at Bitter Springs and had to consult with the Honorary Census Officer before we could find a site. Luckily he’d already filled in the address etc, which was Mataranka. It was my turn to choose the site, the place was very busy but thought we had a good site until we plugged the power cord in. No Go! Electrician No.1, who was actually a plasterer, came down to fix the power and I really thought we’d be doing CPR before long. The boss came down and shorted out something so then everyone’s power was off . Eventually the 2 blokes were arguing about which wire “No.1 Electrician” had said was dead but they did get the power back on without killing themselves.

Our lush campsite at Bitter Springs, near Mataranka, home of the World’s luckiest “electricians”!