Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Gregory National Park

Big Horse Creek Campground, Gregory National Park –Saturday

Left the peace of the campsite and the dirt road, back onto the Victoria Highway heading for Timber Creek. Crossed lots of floodways which were dry but are an indication of the massive amount of water that comes down during the Wet. Stopped at Victoria River which has a new bridge which towers above the old one and the are around has amazing rock formations that look like they’re made of tumbled bricks. One escarpment looked like a rival for the Great Wall of China. Where the Buchanan “Highway” meets the Victoria we became part of a long line of Variety Club Bash cars. People were dressed as Santa, Bees, Tarts, Zorro etc. We expected them to go on to Kununurra for fuel but they all stopped at Timber Creek so we had a drink and cake to thin out the line at the fuel pumps. Came along to the campsite and finding a place to camp was easy because it was only about 1:00 but now there would be at least 30 vehicles here and the tent area has been taken over with vans etc.  One of the other campers is actually Bill Kemp (from the Grange Golf Club) and his wife, Irene.  Alex saw the familiar shape “fishing” he was enjoying himself even though he had nothing to show for his efforts. We enjoyed a nice cool drink together before the mozzies set in. Tomorrow we move onto Kununurra and a Caravan Park so we can get some washing  done, everything is covered in red dust and we need clean clothes.

The melee at the pumps.

Posing in front of the Victoria River.


Whistling Kite?

Our camp amongst the Boabs.

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