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Kununurra 2

Went for a tour of Lake Argyle and the Ord River. We were picked up by a bus and driven to Lake Argyle, shown the highlights along the way eg Durack’s Homestead then at the dam wall we transferred to a boat. Our bus driver  transmogrified into the boat captain. Saw 3 crocodiles on the rocks near the dam wall, I guess they’re employed by the tour companies. The trip down the river through the gorges was excellent and although we were away from 11:30 until 5:30 no time was boring. We were even given soft drinks, muffins, tropical fruit and scones at a nice little landing place. We could see Catfish, renamed Silver Cobbler or something to make them more desirable. We’ve seen a lot of silvery fish which have black dots along their sides. Crocodiles were in many different parts and also near the banks big rogue bulls which are descendents of escapees from those owned by early pastoralists like the Duracks. The cattle around her now are all Brahmin types but these were all Shorthorns. The bird life was less than I anticipated but like around The Cooper there is so much water about they have no need to move to the big rivers. Took lots of photos but none will do justice to the place. We’ve booked in for another night because I want to see the Sandalwood place and also the Zebra Rock workplace. Alex wants to drive over the Ivanhoe Crossing as a prelude to the Gibb River crossings. The editor has just pointed out I failed to mention the wonderful steak I had for dinner, cooked to perfection of course, by said editor.

Alex stunning Sunset photo.

Reflections in the river.

Escarpment on the Ord.

Bend in the Ord River.

Freshwater Crocodile near the dam wall.

Comments on: "Kununurra 2" (4)

  1. We loved Kunnunurra (home of the Argyle Pink Diamond), Lake Argyle (26 times Sydney Harbor) and the Ord River. We did both as boat cruises but it would be magnificent to helicopter over Lake Argyle. (Would be good if they could pipe some of the water south!)

  2. well the queues atthe petrol pumps werenothing to the queues for rides, showbags or strawberry icecreams at the ekka.

  3. Been looking forward to the pictures, and stories first thing we both do is look to see where and what you are up to.
    I think a lot of people do a helicopter trip over Lake Argyle.

  4. Enjoying your blog and photos very much. I been on google maps to see exactly where you are. Can’t wait for the next thrilling account of your adventures. Lena

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