Some places we've been and some places we're going.


Had an uneventful drive to Kununurra past more amazing rock formations. Came to Hidden Valley Resort on the recommendation of another camper but we think he was misguided. There are lots of permanent residents, dogs and stinky bins. The couple next to us have a young baby, less than a year old, and have 2 tiny tents and are travelling in a single cab ute with 2 dogs. There isn’t much communication between them and none with other campers. Alex finally got his Barra & Chips, the serve was ENORMOUS. We walked in not exactly directly then coming back ended up at the highway to Wyndam so had to walk back to the place we’d parked during the day and find our bearings from there. Next time the GPS comes with us. My editor is currently asleep in the chair, glass in hand,  he didn’t have a siesta when I did this afternoon. Yesterday a near neighbour had a generator going day and night which meant we were both very tired today.


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