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Kununurra 3

View from Kelly's Knob, overlooking Kununurra

Today was a laid back day. First we drove up Kelly’s Knob to the lookout over Kununurra then we went to see the Sandalwood Factory and they certainly had a big range of products but not cheap.  The informational video was already going when we walked in and the slant seemed to be this is a wonderful industry to invest in. I was hoping to see how they extracted the oil but either that was shown beforehand or my impatience spoilt my chance to see it. After we left there we called into the rum distillery and that place was excellent. Don’t know any more about rum making but the displays they had and artefacts were brilliant. The hat rack was a wooden backboard with inverted brass taps as hat hooks. Stuff had been recycled everywhere and looked fantastic. There were photos reproduced on canvas and the accompanying text made them so much more interesting. People with great creativity have been involved with the place. The cheesecake and chocolate cake with rum were pretty good too and I enjoyed my first cup of tea for ages.

Shock, horror, red crocs seen at Kelly's Knob.

The Zebra Rock place was next on the list and we bought a couple of small things. The water near the pontoon at the lake was seething with fish, mostly Catfish or Silver Cobbler if you’re trying to make them sound more desirable. I took photos at Lily Creek Lagoon and Alex checked out who was deemed remarkable enough to have a tree planted in their honour. Not everyone’s had survived and some were probably removed by people who disagreed with the planting.

A mess of Catfish

Alex checking out the road prior to crossing!

The last place of interest for the day was Ivanhoe Crossing, Alex was itching all day to test out the car at a proper water crossing. I think I might have bad dreams tonight about river crossings!

Tomorrow we’re leaving Kununurra and heading towards El Questro which is in a National Park. We’ll probably be out of internet range for days, maybe a week or two. I’ll be overloaded when I get back online!

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  1. I’ll start saving taps and not throwing them out so that you can have your own hat hanger. I know of several sitting around already !!!!

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