Some places we've been and some places we're going.

El Questro –Wed.17th

We had  a late Mango Smoothie and Coffee at the Wild Mango, a fantastic place to snack then we set off for the Gibb River Road. There were deep corrugations almost from the beginning interspersed with sections of sealed road. There were some lovely creeks and billabongs.  We set El Questro as our first stop, the road in was a bit better than the main road. It cost us $72 for the first night, $36 for a Wilderness Pass which is valid for a week at any El Questro establishments and $36 for the site plus $10 refundable deposit. We chose a private campsite (same price as the others) and ours is called, “Osprey”. There is a creek with resident Egret and Cormorants as well as a Meurten’s Water Monitor, this was lovely through the day but now Bushman repellent seems to be delectable to tiny bugs that are attacking us everywhere including hair and cleavage.

Tomorrow we’re going for a day tour including a walk through Emma Gorge, swim at Zebedee Springs and boat trip along Chamberlain Gorge.

We’ve lost 2 bolts out of our Bash Plate which was installed by Adrien Brien, our Jeep agents and will have to find some replacements. There are other noises we’ve never heard before, not reassuring.

Diversion Dam on the Ord River

Nice Billabong on the King River, Gibb River Road

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