Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Kununurra – Friday 19th

As is obvious we’ve come back into Kununurra rather than heading out further west. The mechanics at El Questro were great and told Alex to fossick through a big tin of bolts to find the ones he needed but after 2 trips back and forth he still couldn’t get the right ones so used various spacers to make do. Although he was dead keen to go across the Gibb River Rd Alex has agreed we’ll go via the Victoria Highway at least as far as Fitzroy Crossing.

We went to a couple of places tyring to get the necessary bolts and eventually managed to get some so Alex has fixed that problem. Of course we had to calm ourselves with a coffee and Mango Smoothie from The Wild Mango. When we came back here we had a stroll around the park checking things out then went down to a little landing area and weer gazing out over the water when we both became aware of a snout poking out of the water. There was a crocodile about 2.5m long looking at us. There is a sign nearby telling people not to feed any animals and that there are crocodiles about but it seems to us the croc gets fed there. Just before sunset we heard bagpipes and thought it was probably a backpacker but another camper ( enjoyer of wacky baccy by the smoke currently drifting our way) that the guy comes down every night and plays the sun down. The neighbours remind me just how many different people you meet when you’re camping and how the barriers are dropped. They came along the Gibb River Road, lost all the fixings that held the tent poles up, dust filled their storage area and they lost the mountings from their trailer brakes so they had no working brakes on their genuine offroad Desert Camper.

Problems with the computer tonight, I think it’s been traumatised by the corrugations.

My goodness, it’s way past our bedtime, the sun went down ages ago!

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