Some places we've been and some places we're going.

No roosters this morning, just the loud “Honking of the Camper Bird”. We set off up the gorge at 6:30, which was AFTER breakfast. The ridges are part of the Devonian Reef which means the campground and all the flat country around are what was seabed. It’s all really too hard to describe, you need to see it but maybe the photos will give you an idea.

We became quite blasé about the crocodiles lazing about on the sand. I did expect a snapfest when one big crocodile started moving in on another’s patch of sandbank but it didn’t go beyond growling and mouth gaping. Luckily Crocodile Mac had his hearing on high alert and stopped us near some rustling grass. We stood and waited and gradually a snake appeared. We waited to warn the next lot of people coming up and the woman was in a tizzy about the VERY POISONOUS Brown Snake but Alex was remarkably calm. He said nothing at the time but afterwards told me he wasn’t worried, he was certain it was an Olive Python because he’d read about them on the info board.

It’s now only 11:30 and we’re back for R&R & showers while the campsite has only a few occupants. The water is solar heated so after an influx of campers during the afternoon the water is cold until the following day.

These National Park campsites are great, it cost us $11 per person because we already had a Park Pass, if there are no showers it’s about half that.

For  anyone who is interested our average fuel consumption according to the car computer is 12.5ltrs per 100kms.

Tomorrow we head for Derby and we expect to have Internet access again.

A wonderful place, Windjana Gorge

A Boab is worth a hug.

Crocodile Mac identified this as an Olive Python

Croc looking cool.

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