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Broome 2

Today we’ve wandered around the town from the Pearling Lugger display in the town to Gantheaume Point and the Deep Water Port and become more familiar with the town layout. Although Broome is always promoted as a very multicultural town with a big Chinese presence we find it very low key. The taxis are called, “Chinatwon Taxis” and have brightly painted dragons on them but in reality it’s difficult to find any part of Chinatown that looks anything like the Asian section of Adelaide Central Market. We bought some papers to read, Alex’ was “The Scottish Banner” which informed him that people want to land a Hercules plane on the A9 south of Inverness (main road running north/south through Scotland) as part of the new Batman movie. Amazing what you find out when you’re camping.

There were plenty of people fishing on the wharf and we saw a few fish caught,  I saw a big yellow sea snake or eel, not sure which. An Osprey was perched on top of a light waiting for an easy feed and when we were at Gantheaume Point one whole level of the lighthouse framework was taken over by an Osprey nest, the babies were squawking. Anastasia’s Bath was built for a man’s arthritic wife, I’m sure he had Chinese doing the hard graft. The high tides kept it refreshed.

We’ve both bought long sleeved shirts because we’ve booked a trip on an old Pearling Lugger for tomorrow and don’t want to get burnt. We get back from the trip after sunset so we’ll book in for another night and will be able to go the markets on Saturday morning –believe it or not Alex suggested that!

Looking back towards Cable Beach

Anastasia's Bath

Some silly Pterodactyl standing in an ancestor's footprints.

Osprey's have a nest on the second to highest level.


Before continuing to Broome we stopped at the Prison Tree in Derby. Although some of the aboriginal people held were considered to have stolen stock others were  “Blackbirded” ie they were captured,chained and held at the Prison Tree before being taken off to work as pearlers. Nearby is the 120 m long trough that watered 500 bullocks at one time. We think the stock would have been taken up the Gibb River Road to Wyndham. The old yards are still there, not far from the Prison Tree at Derby. There is also a “bath” built by some soldiers for the troops refreshment but of course, the officers got to use it before the other ranks each day.

Prison Tree, Derby

Alex at the end of the trough.

We’ve been told that you have to queue from early morning to get a site at a Broome caravan park but we were lucky, though we couldn’t be picky & the site we were allocated was VERY DIFFICULT to get into. Luckily we had a helpful neighbour and Alex managed to shoehorn the Camper in. The bay looks stunning.

Beautifully cooked salmon and salad for dinner, polished off the Annie’s Lane and now it’s time for a cider. If we don’t have one each our stocktaking will be way out of kilter!

We have booked in here for 3 nights but will see how it goes. If we want to stay longer we have to tell them the morning before and there is no guarantee of the same site. I can tell you it will be on this site or not at all!


We left Windjana early and continued on the dirt road which was fine. As the person at Kununurra said, if we’d started at this end of the Gibb Road we would have continued, there were no wicked corrugations. It was great having the time to catch up with everything & to restock our supply of cider. We’ve enjoyed one each night and had used our last. Accomodation here is very expensive, we have a “Motel Room” which cost $150 for the night. It’s a very basic room with tiny ensuite but beautifully clean and there is also a full kitchen which we can use. The other motel was $195 a night and the hotel $250 a night, nothing looked salubrious.

The car started acting as if it had a flat tyre when were in Derby, getting lumpy on startup so we hope it’s nothing major. An air filter check is in order, we think. We’ve just has a nice meal from the Cafe on the Wharf and watched the sunset so that is our photo for the day. Tomorrow we head for Broome and have been told you have to line up from early in the morning to get into the caravan park but we’ll see.

Our view from the "Catch Cafe", Derby.