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Karijini National Park

Why didn’t anyone warn us about Port Hedland? The place is so noisy, day and night, that a normal person can’t sleep. It was like having the 2 engine, 116 wagon train doing continuous laps of the Caravan Park. A finger in the ear works only for as long as you can keep it there.The Caravan Park was really taken over by workers, there were 4 washing machines but only 2 could be used by tourists te others were labelled, “For Work Clothes Only”. A worker at the Caravan Park told us he had been paying $1400 a week for a 2 bedroom house and was now paying $350 or so a week for his caravan site.

It was a relief to leave the noise and traffic and head towards Newman. We stopped at Auski or Munjina and it was like a Miners’ Canteen. There are lots of references in the newspapers to problems with “FIFO”s and it took me a while to work out it meant “Fly In Fly Out” however at Munjina there were Tshirts for sale with a different explanation. “Fit In or F….. Off” – spelt out clearly of course.

We have a good sized campsite but there is no shade at all and the wind made putting up the annexe a hard task. We went for a walk to Fortescue Falls and the Fren Pool which were refreshingly cool areas but there were too many noisy people and unsupervised children to make it relaxing. I heard the familiar phrase, “Why aren’t these kids in school?” After the walks I had to sleep and luckily the Camper was cool enough. My thermostat doesn’t seem to work properly and I overheat too quickly.

There are signs about warning us of problem dingoes but we haven’t seen or heard any.

Fluoro Rules OK? -Auski Roadhouse

Karijini Campsite at Dawn

Comments on: "Karijini National Park" (4)

  1. Yes, Port Hedland is a real ‘work town’.

    When my sister lived at Tom Price there was a little plane (8 seater) which flew to all the towns up there dropping off people, mail, etc. These days there are at least 7 x 747s flying in and out of Port Hedland every day – carrying the ‘fly-in, fly-outs’. It doesn’t add to the ‘community’ at all.

    Don’t be put off though. Make sure you visit the North-West Shelf Gas Works area – the size will ‘blow your mind’!

    Great pic of dawn at Karijina National Park.

    Happy travels.


    P.S. Pam leaves Friday night for 5 weeks in the USA and Canada, lucky duck!

  2. Love that last photo, it looks like all the dramas leading up to that campsite were worth it!

  3. Well written, I could visualise and got a feel for the area.

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