Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Tom Price

We won the race this morning for first to leave camp but only because one of the other Early Birds decided on a last toilet stop. (One of the toilets had a resident Red Back in the corner just behind the toilet itself.) Headed for Weano Gorge and it was worth the detour. We didn’t go down into the gorges but looked from the top and it was SCAREY! There was platform above a phenomenal drop into the gorge and a gate in the railing. The gate and anchor point  on the platform were for lowering rescuers down and nearby was a memorial to a rescuer who died when a flash flood came down during a rescue. Not good places to be if you suffer from even a little bit of vertigo.

Grass at the Tom Price Caravan Park was a welcome sight but the wind is still fierce. We’re taking shelter in the Camp Kitchen. Alex will have to use the burners in here to cook our steak because the little Camper cooker just can’t give off enough heat when the wind is blasting it and the guards supplied aren’t big enough to have any effect.

A 4WD track was too tempting for the mad Editor who drove us up to the highest drivable point in WA. From there we could see the Tom Price mine and in places circular, billiard table flat areas which used to be hills. In a few years time there will be lots more of those and I wonder what archaeologists will make of it in a few thousand years.


Have washing on the line AGAIN! Everything and everyone is covered in red dirt …apart from most of the Jeep where the dust seems to slide off because of the stuff they put on it to protect the paint. Any surface not paint or chrome is dusted though. I even HAD TO wash the Camper floor it was so bad. Time to start thinking of dinner before hoardes of Backpackers arrive. Tomorrow we think we will be stopping at a Rest Area or at Emu Station on the way to Exmouth but there is no deisel at the Service Station. A delivery was supposed to be in by 6:00 tonight but it hadn’t arrived when Alex went down at about 7:00. It doesn’t matter to us, there is a Coffee Shop here and they sell Citrus Tarts!

Weano Gorge

View from the top of Madman's Hill! -Tom Price

The Madman


Comments on: "Tom Price" (3)

  1. Pics fantastic – even the ‘Madman’ looks gorgeous (and very relaxed).

    Tom Price is where John proposed to me (it was our second ‘date’) about 42 years ago. The scenery is ‘magic’ despite the red dust.

    Wish we were there!


    P.S. Next Cindy’s Salon is 7 weeks, cos Pam won’t be back by 6 wks – hence 22nd October!

  2. A note to the mad editor, today is world beard day! I’m happy to see he’s wearing a big healthy looking example for the occasion.


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