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Archive for September 5, 2011

Coral Bay

Tonight we’re sitting in the Camper computing because it’s far too windy outside and there’s no Camp Kitchen. We could hear the wind overnight so knew there was no way we’d get out in the Glass Bottom Boat from Tantabiddi so decided we might as well leave Exmouth. We thought we’d be able to travel down the west coast towards Coral Bay and maybe camp within the National Park but then discovered the campsites fill so quickly you have to be at the Ranger’s Station on the edge of the Park at 9:00 to be allocated a campsite if one is vacated. We’re actually relieved we didn’t camp anywhere there because although the spots looked beautiful with the amazing turquoise sea background, none of them had any shelter and we certainly wouldn’t have been able to relax at all. The wind has been relentless. We had to come back through Exmouth then down to Coral Bay. Vans were lined up waiting to get a site. We’ve wised up now and tell them our camper needs 16 feet of space to open out so we have space.

Tomorrow we’re  taking an all-day tour which includes viewing Turtles, Manta Rays, Whales and Coral Gardens and involves snorkelling. In our haste leaving we forgot to pack our snorkelling gear so will just use whatever they supply. The Editor will also be the photographer because he has a waterproof camera.

Osprey Nest on Communication Tower at National Park Visitors Centre.

Turquoise Bay, Cape Range, National Park.

We were busy at Coral Bay ....... taking a photo or two.