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Coral Bay 3

Today was a much kinder day, weather wise, yesterday was 36 deg. and we both ended up with red noses. This morning we walked along the beach and managed to get some nice photos of Skates which are very curious and move towards you with their eyes raised. I did a load of washing and was confident it would dry quickly but the washing was slower than usual because unlike in the showers they use fresh water for the machines and however it’s pumped the pressure is very low. I’m sure they use fresh water not to make our clothes lovely and soft but because the minerals in the bore water wreck the washing machines. The taps for the basins and showers looked badly affected.

Our Quad bike experience was great but the lesson leant today was, “Don’t wear shorts when Quad Biking”. I had to put my left foot behind my ear just about to get away from the hot engine casing. Steering wasn’t as easy as I expected and neither was the throttle so a few times I struggled to stay on the “road” and my forward movements were a bit jerky. We had to stay on the tracks which are defined by the Dept. of Conservation but did go over some steep dunes and have photos to prove it!

Half way through the jaunt we stopped to look down over some Turtle feeding grounds and The Editor was an excellent spotter. Also saw what are apparently Osprey chicks but the nest is nothing like an Ospreys so I wasn’t convinced. Maybe our leader had seen the parents though.

After 2 hours we came back and I needed a swim so we went to the beach, along with lots of others. There was a big crowd in one section and we discovered they were there for some fish feeding that happens every evening. When the food ran out the fish came investigating swimmers and some were beautiful and some were BIG. The Skates we’d seen in the morning were also scooting about so it was lucky the water is crystal clear, I’d hate to stand on one. I wish we’d brought our snorkelling gear because that would have been a perfect time to use them. We couldn’t be bothered going to hire some at that time of the day.

Tomorrow we leave here and are heading for Denham and Monkey Mia so maybe out of Internet range again for a few days.

Skate looking at us looking at him.

Skate showing the long tail.

Coral fish.

Surfing Turtle?

The Bane of Alex' Life

Me, coming up the dune.

Alex coming up the dune.

Why WE get so dirty.