Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Denham –Shark Bay

5 weeks today since we left and over 8000kms. Wow! It seems that all we did today was drive, drive, drive with stops for driver changes sprinkled in. I was looking forward to some bananas from Carnarvon but it didn’t happen, we were through the parts where they grow before we knew it and didn’t want to backtrack so the bananas will be for another day. I did have a muffin in a Banana Boat with ice-cream though, I’ll bet you’ve never had that!

Will I ever be satisfied? Hot, hot, hot before now I’m cold! No fancy obelisk or anything when we passed through the Tropic of Capricorn, just a boring sign.

We arrived in Denham which is on Shark Bay but the names seem interchangeable eg. You get your permit for Monkey Mia from the Information Centre in Shark Bay when it’s in the middle of the town of Denham. I was surprised to see that someone had named a boat after Alex, pity they couldn’t spell it correctly! There seem to be lots of things to visit around here so after we go to Monkey Mia tomorrow we’ll check some out. The Caravan Park is is very stark and the wind has kept up so tonight I’m computing inside the Camper using the fridge and step stool as my furniture.

Some silly bugger is tormenting me by twanging the elastic which retracts the canvas, apparently one twangs much better than the other. Agggghhhhhhhh!

Beautiful tree in Carnarvon

Closer look at the flowers.

A very rotund lizard, maybe in the maternity suite.

The boat they named after Alex.

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  1. You will miss the warmth as you head south. We really liked Denham/Shark Bay and Carnarvon. Our C.Pk. had a spot where local growers would leave bags of fresh produce which you could buy using the ‘honor’ system, ie coins in a tin. Wonderful. Not having our own kitchen, we also used all the brilliant camp kitchens and stainless steel bbqs at the C.Pks.

    Love the pregnant lizard and the boat named after Alex.

    Hope the rope ‘twanger’ meets his Waterloo.


    • Nice to know you’re enjoying the journey, Cindy. We used the Camp Kitchen tonight because of the wind and it was a good one. The one at the last place was just disgusting and obviously no longer in use.There are some vegies in bags over near the Office and I will check them out, love the idea of FRESH produce.

  2. I loved the rotund Lizard. Good photography.

    • I do seriously wonder if it was a female laying eggs or babies, whatever that species does. I was off for a “wee walk” when I saw it so had to go back to the car for the camera and it was still in the same place when I came back and it just looked at me.

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