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Denham –Shark Bay2

Friday, 9th September

A significant date, Mum’s birthday and the day we started our new life in Australia. Not so significant in 2011. Because of the publicity we decided to be at Monkey Mia for the first feeding of the dolphins, it was cool and windy. Heaps of people were lined up near the water, waiting for the dolphins to appear but they took their time. We could see some out beyond the little jetty but they took off away from the feeding spot. Eventually 5 dolphins appeared, only feeding mothers are given fish and the Rangers knew each dolphin and the family history. The best show, for me, was put on by one dolphin leaving the area and she rolled and swam sideways and put on a nice display. It was also lovely seeing the young ones come racing in towards the mothers when the feeding was over. They’re only given about 3 fish each so that they go hunting and don’t become reliant on the daily feeds.

On the way back to Denham we called in at Little Lagoon but didn’t see any wildlife so didn’t stay long. We also went down to Eagle Bluff and had a fantastic view of the Islands and also the sea where the underlying sands make sweeping transitions of colour. Although there are enormous banks of seagrasses we didn’t see any of the animals that feed there. On the way back to Denham we stopped in at Ocean Park which has hourly shark feeding in their Aquarium but it was $19 per person entry fee which we thought was excessive and not in a natural environment anyway. Back here the best entertainment was watching a salvage crew working to get a wooden fishing boat (Huon Pine & about 30 foot) onto a low loader. Alex & I were panicking when the diver, using only mask & snorkel, disappeared underwater for ages. None of his crew was watching out for him but of course he surfaced eventually. After all their work making a transport dolly with extended truck axles and wooden beams, backing it down the ramp with some extendable crane arrangement etc the diver measured everything up and there was insufficient depth to support the boat so it was all abandoned for another day. EVERYONE in town was disappointed when the action stopped.

Off towards Geraldton tomorrow.

One happy dolphin.

Sturt Desert Pea -no black eye

Alex plays BRILLIANT golf here!

Note -no cars please!

Heath Robinson Boat Handlers Inc.

Breeze Block building??

Blocks are actually cut from compacted shells found at Shell Beach- this is a closeup.

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  1. Congratulations on your arrival in Australia – good choice! Great pics – Sturt Desert Pea looks great, even without the black eye!

    Before you ‘hit’ Geraldton, where the memorial for the HMAS Sydney is (and where we met Kevin Rudd in 2009), you will see Kalbarri. We thought Kalbarri has EVERYTHING – seaside and national park, where we did lots of the walks.

    We had a huge storm the night we were in Geraldton but were gratefully the ONLY tent in the CPk which didn’t have to re-peg during the night – good old Pete’s OzTent! The rain followed us to Kalbarri, so heavy we didn’t stop even for a toilet stop. Whilst booking in, the rain hit – they thought John and I were the ‘Rain Gods’ because Kalbarri hadn’t had any rain for 6 months. It was soooooooooooo heavy we decided to book into the CPk’s brick cabins for 2 nights. The weather was not good whilst in Kalbarri; it didn’t stop us doing lots. We loved it so much decided we would go back one day, hopefully in August/Sept when the wildflowers are out. You may be very lucky and see heaps – all through the South West. Hopefully you will not be too late.

    Am with you every kilometre – loving doing the trip again with you.



    P.S. Pam on way to USA – ominous time to be travelling!!!

    • I did wonder about Kilbarri but we are already past it and I’ve just read your comment! Don’t know why it would be an ominous time for Pam, we occasionally buy local papers to read about lovely local events and don’t see TV…… it’s great!

  2. Would think they would not let blocks of the shell get cut off.

    The Desert Pea looks odd without the black.

    • It seems very hypocritical to me that a company is allowed to mine the shells and they state that it’s considered a renewable resource but visitors are asked not to take ANY shells. I don’t think they cut the blocks for building anymore but they might. There certainly seems to be a difference between what happens at Shell Beach and Hamelin Pool.
      I agree about the Desert Pea, doesn’t looked “finished”.

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