Some places we've been and some places we're going.


Geraldton wakes up on Monday morning! There was a lot of traffic going through the town and the feeling was very different from yesterday. No time to look at jazzy buildings today.

The landscape changed and there were hobby farms, green paddocks and windmills. The cattle we saw today were all like Murray Greys or Angus, not the Brahmins anymore. No emus today only dead kangaroos and two live foxes.

We drove along the coast road and it was lovely getting glimpses of the sea. Our coffee and cake break was at Dongarra and I am now officially off Cheesecake. It was only 215kms to Cervantes so we were here early and went off to see the Pinnacles. I imagined very tall structures but they’re not. What is impressive is the number of them and the setting, it looks like real Badlands, desert with thousands of rocky shapes jutting up out of the sand. We were able to drive around the track stopping whenever we wanted but as we left we saw 4 big tourist buses in the carpark and hordes of people crossing to the Information Centre so our timing was excellent.

When we came back we went around the town and down to the jetty, we dawdled at the jetty so that took about 20 mins. The seafood for sale sounded very tempting but when we went to the Lobster Shack the seafood packs were big enough to feed our entire family at Christmas and there didn’t seem to be anything available for a single meal. On our walk around we were amazed by one house that had a very big boat in the front but when we saw it from the back the entire yard was filled with Cray Boats all with clever names which included “line” eg Out of Line, Production Line. There is no doubt what the major industry is in the town, in fact the town was created to service the Crayfishing Industry. Once again the town is named after a shipwreck!

Tomorrow we head south, probably avoiding Perth.


Lots of Pinnacles

A holey one.

Some people have little boats.

Some people have LOTS of BIG boats!

Comments on: "Cervantes" (2)

  1. Oh! The Pinnacles don’t look as big as some of the anthills further north!

    Pity you couldn’t buy a seafood pack for two!


    • You’re right Cindy, the anthills are much bigger. We would have loved a seafood pack for two but seems like they only cater for families going home. They provide some kind of Esky and a gel pack.

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