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Cervantes 3

A day for washing and walking. Because we need to pack bags for our Hotel stay in Perth we had to rationalise clothes, put away shorts etc and find where we put the jeans. Believe it or not finding the jeans took quite a while, we knew we’d packed them and you would think they’d be easy to find. A bit like the hose I couldn’t find before. Bags are now repacked and we’re ready to pack up the Camper in the morning. The Tilt-truck guy has phoned and although he had a 1200km return trip today he expects to pick us up at 8:45 in the morning.

After doing the washing we set off to see the Stromatolites out at Lake Thetis which was only about 1.5 kms out of town according to the mud map but I think that was to the turn-off then the same again. The lady in the Information Centre/Post Office/Newsagents was most indignant that Hamelin claimed to have the only Stromatolites when there were 5 sites in WA. & she was sure Cervantes’ were worth a visit! After our walk out there and around the lake (everything seems to be 1.5 kms) we headed for the Hardware store which is in the Industrial area further out of town. Because we have to leave the Camper here it seemed to be wise to secure the gas bottles so we had to buy chain and a padlock.

Walking along the dirt road was quite interesting. The road is corrugated and in the first 1km we saw various bits from cars including a suspension bush, a power steering fluid reservoir lid, bit of radiator hose, mudflap, bit of tail-light, some underbody car protection, grease cartridge, headlight surround and a piece of trim. No shoe leather or steel toe caps though!

The birds were at the edge of Lake Thetis and I presume they wade into the water, they were only about the size of a Diamond Dove.

When we got back it was definitely time for a cool drink and slack time with the books we bought this morning at the “Shell Café” which is at the Caravan Park. They have a very impressive collection of shells including about 30 Paper Nautilus which were lined up from biggest to smallest in perfect order. They have lovely shell wall hangings and I thought I might try to make something similar myself but our house isn’t in the least beachy so maybe it would look daft.

The editor now has his nose inside his book which is about John Eales so I could be writing anything at all tonight! Off to Perth tomorrow.

Walking, walking, walking

Lake Thetis Stromatolite

Red-capped Plover, male I presume.

Red-capped Plover