Some places we've been and some places we're going.


Birds incessantly singing/calling at 4:30 in the morning can be thought of unkindly. We were packed and ready when the guy arrived to take us to Perth and we had relaxed conversation all the way. He raced at Speedways all over Australia but no racing today. The car is at Jeep & we’re in Rydges Hotel in Hay Street. We’ve managed to get lost once but retraced our steps and found our way back here again. Neither of us realized there were hills right in the centre of town until we went in one building, stayed on the same floor but then had to go down the escalator to the street at the opposite end of the building.

There are some very interesting little lanes with eateries etc and some areas reminded us of the Central Market others the East End of Adelaide. So many shops are the same in both places and the Arcade in Perth could be the Regent Arcade in Adelaide. One place that was very different was the London Court which was built in about 1923 and has olde worlde buildings with plenty of images of St George.

There were crowds of people in one shop and we were quite stunned to see it was an Apple Shop so we don’t know if there was some new release or promotion but it’s hard to believe the shop is always like that.

I bought a new Telstra phone today because we’re both  having issues getting service but will still use my old one until the money is all gone. I’ll let you know my new number when the phone is all set up. No, it’s not a whiz bang fancy fone, it’s just like my old one!!!!

Tomorrow we’ll move from here but will still be in Perth.

A “living wall”, St George’s Tce.

“Living Wall” close up.

Apple shop after everyone had left.

London Court

Dick Whittington

Jousting Knights when the clock struck the hour.

Comments on: "Perth" (4)

  1. Rhonda McKenzie said:

    finally I got safari to load your site. the apple store in brisbane is always packed. people go in to check their mail and play with all their products they have them laid out on tables for you to do whatever you want with. in brisbane Id have my breakie and check my mail do my downloading and using their wifi all for free before setting off to the hospital. you will find lots of backpackers there. all the apple stores seem to look the same too. loved the wall.

  2. Fred the bread said:

    Have you tried a Miss Maud breakfast yet? She seems to own the food scene in Perth. She is the last of the Vikings — raiding and plundering the English settlements even in Australia.

    • Hi Fred, Miss Maud’s is right next door but we haven’t been tempted. Did have a Donner Kebab last night but NOTHING like the one from The Land of Pharaohs in Broome. I have a feeling none will ever match up to the memory of that one.

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