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Perth 2 -Karinyup Waters Resort

We’re smiling again. The Jeep is “back home” and we can continue our trip. Joel at Wanneroo Jeep was great and had the studs replaced by about 3:00 then he took it to Ian Diffen Tyre Factory for us where they advised us to change the rims because of visible damage. Everyone took time out to be helpful and it would be fantastic if all retailers worked like they did. It felt so good to be back in the Jeep.

Last night when we were walking about the City Centre we came across a Crocs shop with a sale on and decided we’d go back this morning at 9:00 to get a replacement pair for me. We should have checked the opening hours last night because they didn’t open until 10:00 and we had to be out of the Hotel by then which meant there was a car to deal with. There was nowhere near the traffic that we experienced yesterday getting to the Hotel but that was literally the calm before the storm.

Driving beyond the City Centre was horrendous, we were on the Freeway when the rain came down in torrents that would have made Noah nervous. The wipers were flat out and we could barely see anything in front of us, but unlike in similar past experiences on the South Eastern Freeway in SA & the M6 in Britain this time other motorists actually slowed right down.  Eventually it lessened and the wipers could cope which was an immense relief.

We went to Hillarys Yacht Club and saw an impressive array of boats but maybe the GFC has hit some owners because probably a dozen were lined up in front of the cafes with “For Sale” signs on them and when we saw the ads in a dealer’s window most of the yachts had been for sale for a while and you could see a succession of price drops.

The setting here is very like a place we stayed in Mossman called, “The White Cockatoo”, the buildings are about the same, the palms or bamboo are about the same, the rain is about the same BUT the temperature is very different. We’re being reintroduced to southern state weather and maybe the Camper will be washed clean when we see it tomorrow. We plan to head to Cervantes as soon as we’ve dropped off the hire car and rather than come down south again we’ll probably head south east.

How they park some boats at Hillarys

Boats, boats and more boats.

Dolphin “Wishing Well” -put $2 in and the dolphins rotate.

Tropical? No!

Indi’s boat or is it Nos’s?