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Jurien Bay

Backtracking. The Caravan Park at Karinyup Waters was excellent, a lovely setting and although there were some permanent residents there didn’t seem to be any “ghetto”. Before we left we walked around the lake & there were some tiny little geese, don’t know what they’re called but we saw them before on Lake Argyle.

Having the GPS was a godsend but this morning we had 2 cars and had to go on freeways etc to return the hire car. So we put the GPS in the Jeep and used the UHF radio to keep in touch. We’ve been switching it on occasionally to see if people were using them but have heard practically nothing. Today we decided to use Channel 16 but when I spoke to Alex as we were leaving the Petrol Station I had a different voice answer me & then there was non-stop chat about a retaining wall that was collapsing but it was OK because they’d get a free lunch out of it etc etc etc. We stopped and chose another channel then it worked perfectly. Handing over the hire car was a great relief, it was a Camry and more cumbersome than any of our cars and Alex says, with surprisingly poor brakes.

After the effort she put in getting us to the Hertz depot, Karen, our GPS guide, completely lost the plot and refused to direct us to anything other than the Brand Highway. Luckily, we knew exactly where we wanted to go and ignored her but she wouldn’t stop nagging so eventually we cut her energy source.

We collected the Camper at Cervantes then came on to Jurien Bay, arriving about 2:00 which was just as well because we got the last powered site. Although we don’t need a powered site it makes sense to take one when we can because it allows us to charge up devices and to run the fridge without using battery power. Only a few small unpowered sites were available so big rigs not booked in have had to move on. We haven’t seen people turned away before, even in Broome and Kununurra they had big overflow parks.

Tomorrow we intend having a look around New Norcia and will then decide which direction we’re going to take.

State colours of WA.

The lake at Karinyup Waters Resort

Which is Nana? Which is Papa?  Nana is taking the photo, Papa is watching Nana take the photo!

Busy – fishing! Jurien Bay

Old Jetty, Jurien Bay