Some places we've been and some places we're going.

What would you expect to be transported into WA on semis? Villies pies, Maggie Beer Quince Jelly, Annies Lane wines, Electrolux washing machines or even Holden cars but swimming pools? Yesterday we saw a semi with two stacks of pools, each stack had 10 pools one inside the other, just astonishing. Why wouldn’t they be made in WA?

Nothing like that today, just boring semis, some emus with chicks, one wallaby, some quails and driving into the Head of Bight, Whale Watch Centre, lots of Sleepy Lizards –mostly squished. The whales we saw were close so easy to watch, a mother and calf. There were some further out breaching. We thought the mother was feeding her calf because she was lying on her back and the calf appeared to be nuzzling her but apparently that’s what the mothers do when they don’t want the calf to suckle.

Before we reached the Head of Bight though we went to the old Telegraph Station at Eucla where there were no signs of any business other than the telegraph, no old fuel pumps or bits of shop. When I was there in the long ago, the “Service Station” with its old pump up bowsers was down there beside the half buried old Telegraph Station. The dunes have now reclaimed that area and Eucla services are now on the escarpment above.

We weren’t sure how far we’d get today and because of the two long stops we haven’t made it to Penong which is about 94 kms further east. This place is just a Free Parking spot with no facilities apart from cleared areas where you can set up camp. There are 3 other lots of people in here but I expected more. I guess it’s the lack of facilities which makes people bypass it but the reality is those parks with toilets are often overcrowded and the toilets gross.

Tomorrow we’ll probably mosey down the western side of Eyre Peninsula and around towards Port Lincoln.

Old Telegraph Station, Eucla.

“Nullabor Nymph”, Eucla Roadhouse.

Mini Me -Eucla

Holding back the wind, Kidnippi

Comments on: "Kidnippi, 20kms west of Nundroo" (1)

  1. Glad you saw some whales.

    Your camper ‘set-up’ looks well-equipped to shelter you from the wind.

    John would want me to tell you that a side-trip to Fowler’s Bay (28 km off highway) is worth the trip. Great fishing and nice and clean.


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