Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Camp showers are often built for midgets.

Never assume the hot tap is the one on the left. Campsite plumbing rules are completely random.

If the campsite is empty, the person who books in after you will set up beside you.

The number of spectators is in direct proportion to the difficulty of the reversing manoeuvre.

One visit to Auto Barn is never enough for the job you’re currently doing.

The light you used last time will have the wrong connection the next time you go camping.

Laughing hysterically at people wearing  “headlight” will ensure that you have one next time you go camping.

A campsite sounds like zips zipping and doors sliding, endlessly.

Bedtime can never be before the Bush Poet has left the grounds.

The first toilet in the row always runs out of paper first, desperate people don’t walk along the line and choose.

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