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Wednesday 17th March

OK we’re on our way but we could be in for a bit of trouble. Our trip started with Alex hugging his bag in the back seat of the taxi because he decided the best bag to take was his Golf Bag travel cover and it was too long to fit in the boot. Some obviously shady looking character who shall remain nameless was picked out from the line to be scanned for traces of explosives at the first checkpoint then as we headed to the Departure gates that same someone decided it was better to use the right side of the travelling walkway, unfortunately as soon as they stepped on it the thing moved back towards them necessitating some pretty fancy Zumba style footwork. Next checkpoint saw them called aside because they had a suspicious looking bottle in their hand luggage, and it was said to be just shampoo but the security guy found potentially explosive sunscreen hidden in a ziplock lunch bag. It was confiscated.

It was a relief to get into the plane where the someone was kept amused, fiddling with the various gadgets, including the remote control which once freed from its cradle was as keen to go back in as toothpaste to its tube.

I’m really pleased we decided to stop in Singapore for a few days, even though we had good seats we were both counting down the minutes until we could get off. The onscreen flight path tracking is great.

We’ve walked around the block and had a delicious meal at Sidewalk a mini Hawkers Corner.  We didn’t fancy the Pig’s Organ Soup or Pig’s Kidney and Liver dumplings. We weren’t absolutely sure what would be in our choices but the photos helped and we just asked for a number 1 and a number 17. I had Soup with Noodles and Chicken Dumplings, Alex has Spare Ribs & something. He is quite taken with Tiger Beer and had a big bottle with his dinner. On the plane he enjoyed a Tiger Beer and a concentrate ”Singapore Sling” but now he’s keen to try the real thing at Raffles. Lucky the bankcard folks have offered him extended credit!

Not to our taste.

Not to our taste.

Spare Ribs etc & a BIG Tiger Beer.

Spare Ribs etc & a BIG Tiger Beer.

Dumpling Soup

Dumpling Soup

Ah, a man and a gadget!

Ah, a man and a gadget!

Comments on: "Singapore" (2)

  1. sneaky kit said:

    I opened the Singapore sight seeing one first and now I am aware that you are a sort of adventurous couple. Mike always said that Asianr countries are very big on offal and I don”t know why you were not more adventurous . The food you chose looked scrumptious. Well written about somebody we won’t name. It did give me a laugh so very vivid. Good for a comedy sketch on TV.

  2. Diane Thorpe said:

    So glad you got away OK! This little old lady was called aside en route for Adelaide for a drug test too! It was a shock. Tiger Beer is nice…all beer in Singapore is expensive. I remember going to Raffles for a Singapore Sling and the only Gin which had been anywhere near it stayed firmly sealed on the bar, I’m sure. Still the experience was good! Happy travelling!

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