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Singapore Airport

Although we’d thought of several different things we’d do today we decided to just cruise. I wanted to get photos of sculptures I knew were beside the river and now that we know our way around more we knew that it would be an easy walk. The sculptures are just great, some we’d had glimpses of from the Bum Boat but others were lovely surprises, like the cat and two kittens. That reminds me. Since we’ve been here we’ve seen 2 dogs, one outside and Army Base & a Sniffer Dog today with Police. Not a single cat and not many birds. Not a single bug either apart from butterflies, many of them black.

After the river walk we headed to Raffles so Alex could have a genuine Singapore Sling. I dislike like the idea of colonial superiority it exudes but know this was just a bit of fun so I had a “Virgin Sling” ie non alcoholic & it was delicious, taste of pineapple & lime, with a wedge of pineapple and a Marachino Cherry, very refreshing. There was plenty of flash popping and camera swapping as everybody around wanted photos of themselves at Raffles. From the sublime to the ridiculous… or was it the other way around maybe….. we went back to have lunch at Sidewalk. I did get a photo of the place but at lunchtime it’s just not the same. Few people sitting outside at the wooden tables and plenty of room inside but it was our last chance to have a nice feed of “local” before we left for the Airport.

I did manage to pick up a spare battery for my camera after the necessary arguing and attempts to leave the shop but it was made much easier for me because I could quote eBay prices. The battery was marked $145 but he’d do me a “special deal” at $75 before eBay was mentioned. I paid $40 Singapore.

Now we’re enjoying the relaxing atmosphere in the Ambassadors Lounge prior to our flight. Alex thinks it was worth coming in here just to see the group of geriatric Australians being firmly ejected by the receptionist & protesting loudly about it. Singapore Airlines recognised what a problem Alex was and has put quite a distance between us, I have the priority seat with no one in front of me and he has steerage wherever that is!

Comments on: "Singapore Airport" (3)

  1. sneaky kit said:

    Thoroughly enjoying the trip to Singapore from my kitchen chair. We should have trained the dogs to do business in a bucket and then just whatever with it. The fruit salad at the Zoo looked interesting with the black and white chunk. I found the label part so easy to read. Not like here where you need binoculars to find it and decipher. I am wondering why the geriatrics were being kicked out. Hope the seat allocations worked out.

  2. Diane Thorpe said:

    Like I said, I think there is as much gin in a Singapore Sling as there would be in a Virgin Sling, but Alex can dream on. Were there peanut shells on the floor? Lucky you left Singapore, with Tiger beer at that rate you’d be broke by the time you got to UK. You can get it here when you get back!
    Love the photo of you at Raffles on the edge of the fountain, Sue, from first lot of photos.
    The dumplings look yummy too!

    • Peanut shells on the floor in some places but I made a neat little pile on the bench before we managed to find a table. At the Sidewalk, Tiger Beers were only $S5 for a pint. Glad you liked the image.

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