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Planeing and Training

I did have someone familiar to lean on after all. When we arrived at the Boarding Gate the Supervisor was able to give us our allocated seats. Lots of kids on the plane and all good ones. Food, food and more food. The grinding noise coming from under our feet fortunately stopped when the wheels finished retracting.

After hours and hours and hours on the plane it was such a relief to see the minutes ticking down on the Flight Path display. Both of us probably slept for a couple of hours which was good. We arrived at Heathrow at 5:30 and it didn’t take any time at all to clear Customs and be out heading for the Heathrow Express train. First Class seat because it’s tied to our booking on the train to Inverness. Only 6 of us in the pristine carriage. No Singapore Slings though, just comfy seats and peaceful atmosphere.

The train took us to Paddington where we had to change to the Tube but we had no ticket. There was a machine but it didn’t give change and we wanted to buy an Oyster Card. The Ticket Office wasn’t open because it was too early, luckily there was a guy wandering around and he told us to go through the gates and continue to Edgeware. We went a few stops to Kings Cross Tube Station but we couldn’t get through the barriers because we didn’t have a ticket but when we explained where we were going the guy there just waved us through. . Kings Cross Train Station has a very impressive new roof, definitely worth a couple of photos as were the ATMs clearly stating “Free Cash Withdrawals”. I wasn’t  the only person who thought that was worth a photo.

The train journey was l-o-n-g but until Newcastle we enjoyed the company of a Canadian couple who sat opposite. Coming through Newtonmore, Kingussie and Aviemore was very interesting because we could see what had changed and what looked just the same. We saw our old house but will go back to see if the Bleeding Hearts are showing in the garden. Some plants are beginning to show signs of life after winter but others still look dead.

Seeing Lena waiting to meet us at the station was lovely, taking possession of her bed at 10:00 was sublime. I think we were both asleep within 2 mins.

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  1. Doug Callow said:

    Great to hear you’ve arrived safely in the old country. enjoy the rest of your stay.

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