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Archive for April 25, 2013

Less Sitting More Walking

After yesterday’s full day of driving about we decided today we needed to walk. Our legs are now complaining because we walked and walked through the forest because I had the Geocache bit between my teeth and impenetrable scrubby stuff and steep drops/rises got in the way. The first place we went was along the canal which was nice and flat. Alex found the cache on his first ever expedition, a tricky one too he also found the second one, his devious mind is good for caching. We had a hot drink at a café in a Garden Centre, one with very elaborate hot houses, people pay to go through them. The woman asked me if I wanted cream or marshmallows with my hot chocolate & I said, “Just one marshmallow thanks”. She told me they were only small so I said I’d have two then. The photo will tell what I actually got.

The jaunt into the forest just behind Lena & Mark’s house certainly took more effort than I expected and all for one cache. The second one couldn’t be accessed from the direction we’d taken. When we were only 100m away a vertical drop, fence and train line stopped us so we decided to leave it for today and come back by car along a road we could see beyond the train line. Then we had to climb back up the hill, fight our way through the forest and find our way home. Luckily I did record home in the GPS but Alex also had an idea of the way we needed to go. He saw a deer I only saw some very big fungi growing on a tree trunk.