Some places we've been and some places we're going.


The weather forecast for today wasn’t good, coming from the north and the Pole doesn’t seem that far away! We thought a  long walk in the forest was a bad idea but since the laundry bag was full clothes washing was a good idea. The wonders of modern technology meant we could do the washing while we went to Pringles to get a jumper or two. When I was packing I decided that restricting my clothes to a few colours meant everything would coordinate. The down side of that, I’ve discovered, is that it appears I’ve been wearing the same clothes every day so off we went to Pringles where I bought acrylic and Alex bought cashmere. Happy with our purchases we headed up the coast to Invergordon where maintenance is done on Oil Rigs. There were at least 6 in the harbour some maybe being dismantled.

Coming back from Invergordon I spotted a couple of seals in the Cromarty Firth. The road is very busy but we were able to pull into a layby and walk back (safe side of the Armco barrier) to see one seal lying on its back moving its flippers about and looking directly at us. A second one swam in towards us, had a good look then went back out again.

On the road back to Inverness we came to a section of road we thought was covered in fresh snow but when we got back to the house we discovered the white was actually an accumulation of hailstones. Luckily each time we were out of the car there was no rain or hail and in fact we walked about in sunshine so it’s been very variable today.

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  1. Rhonda McKenzie said:

    i remeber going into some wonderful wool shop in edinburgh i think, where there amazingly wonderful displays.

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