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Archive for April 30, 2013

Round and About

It’s official. I cannot stop Alex talking “Invernesian” or his version of it! He’s relentless. I suppose at least when we go to the Isles there will be a change of accent.

As Alex got his gear ready to go and play golf at Brahan Course today all I could think was, “The heavy stuff won’t come down for a while yet”. We decided to go and buy a nice warm top for me but when we were inside we realized we’d gone to the Garden Centre instead of Pringles. That meant we needed to have scones etc before we headed out into the cold again. The extremely polite, ultra calm GPS cyborg  who is supposed to guide us effortlessly to any destination is on a different wavelength and we spend more time trying to ignore her than actually following her directions. Today she took us to a road that ended abruptly at a paddock/field and politely told us we’d arrived at our destination. She loves U Turns but hasn’t yet mastered re-cal-cu-la-ting.

On the way to the Golf Course we stumbled across the Red Kite bird hide, didn’t see any Red Kites but lots of little birds. In a field on the way in we saw a glorious pheasant and in a house yard on the way out we saw another but neither of them cooperated in my photo shoot. I guess they’ve had too many people taking pot shots at them to risk hanging around.

We didn’t find the Golf Course which is just as well considering the foul weather, maybe tomorrow we’ll try again.

Sorry to those of you who have added comments and they haven’t appeared. I’m still trying to work out why they’re not being displayed.