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Beauly and Aigas

I have to check with Alex to see what day it is because my laptop is still on South Australian time so half way through the day here it trips into the next day. I thought I’d give you a little puzzle today related to our shopping experiences. Supermarkets make things so much easier, all you have to do is search for what you want…… until you get to the checkout. We were ready to pay, money sorted, all fine until the checkout man said, “jivaloyuleecud”. Neither of us had any idea what he’d said so he repeated himself but when he only saw blank looks in response he processed the money and we left. After about the third time of this happening when we were walking out Alex had a lightbulb moment, he knew what it meant. (You’ll find the subtitles at the bottom of the screen, as is normal! ) Next time we went we were confident that we could respond appropriately and we did BUT then we were asked, “juwunwun?” That threw us again for a while. Now we’ve been here a week we can go to the checkout without expecting to be flummoxed.

The morning looked glorious today so it seemed the ideal time to head for Aigas Golf Course which is just out of Beauly. It looked stunning with beautiful green fairways and a backdrop of forest but when Alex saw only ladies in the Carpark he realised it was probably Ladies Day & it was. Luckily there were only 2 groups of ladies & the lady in the Pro Shop said it was fine he could just start at the 4th tee or wait until they’d gone. There was a Practice Green for chipping and putting so anyone who knows Alex knows what he did! I went into Beauly and found a couple of caches. When I came back to pick him up the ladies were bombarding Alex with recommendations for other Golf Courses. I can tell you that Tain has a lovely Clubhouse and Strathpeffer is just wonderful.

When I prised Alex away from the ladies we went into Beauly and walked through the Priory ruins and then had a delicious snack in the old schoolhouse which is now catering for tourists with heaps of souvenirs and craft items as well as the Café. Back in Inverness we walked up to the castle and admired the views in all directions. Let’s hope there are more glorious days like today.

Subtitles: Do you have a loyalty card? Do you want one?