Some places we've been and some places we're going.


It was raining when we left Inverness, sleet when we crossed the Dava Moor and by the time we reached Grantown, the car’s frost warning was on. That happens when the temp. drops to 3 deg and there is a risk of ice on the road. We only had a short walk around Grantown and a toilet stop, first time I’ve seen a chain flusher for decades. After Grantown we headed to Tomintoul and by the time we reached there we were ready for a hot drink. We liked the look of The Clockhouse and I finally discovered how people managed to grow the lovely flowery balls we’ve seen outside houses. They’re plastic!

We stopped at the Well of Lecht, it was on the “Whisky Road” which was actually a track across the moor used by whisky distillers wanting to avoid the Exciseman. Six miles into the glen there was also a seminary and you could also see the wheelhouse of an Iron and Manganese mine which was operating in the mid 1800s. After we passed through the Glenshee Ski Resort we stopped at the Brig O’Dee, the common name for the Invercauld Bridge a very impressive hump back bridge then went on to Braemar. We ate at a lovely little café then drove on to Glengowrie.

Alex went out to play the “Wee Course” and I went walking and looking for caches.

Our bed tonight is at the old Altamount Hotel. The room is ENORMOUS, there is a little alcove which is formed by a turret and another window looks out onto the roof of the lower level and nesting on it is bird we think could be a Plover. There are Peacocks wandering about the place. The thing about 1800s buildings is that you can put fancy furnishings in them and paint them beautifully, replace their bathrooms and light fittings but you can’t put in modern plumbing. The bathroom looks gorgeous but the noise of the toilet flushing is like a freight train dragging itself uphill. We can hardly wait to hear the noise when we use the shower!

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