Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Corriegour Lodge

Believe it or not we were up and packed before we even had breakfast which was a full on affair, enough to keep us going all day. ( I was right, I don’t want to eat Black Pudding!) Alex was booked to play golf at 10:40 so we drove around the little country roads a bit before I dropped him off.  One guy arrived wearing Plus Fours but they let Alex in wearing “normals”.

I headed off to find some caches. I met a woman and she strongly recommended I do a circuit of “Bluebell Wood” and asked if she could join me. There were no flowers, it will be another couple of weeks before they’re out. I did see a Red Squirrel but no photo, he was far too quick in his getaway. I walked for miles and found 4 caches before it was time to go back for Alex. He thoroughly enjoyed his solo round but I was sorry that he hadn’t had to socialise with a local.

Driving towards Dunkeld we saw lots of pheasants, about 10 in one field alone but still no photos. The rain started when we were going over Drumochter towards Dalwhinnie and was still falling when we reached Corregour Hotel on Loch Lochie. The view out of our window is postcard material ….. well it would be if there was no mist!

A very special dinner tonight, delicious. We were in Fort William 40 years ago, no way would I want to swap the BMW for Yamaha Trail bikes or the Hotel for a tent, especially in this weather.

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