Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Inverness Shopping

On our way to Pringles to return my constantly unzipping, sometimes cosy jumper/jacket we stopped to pick up a cache. The only problem about returning the jacket was that they didn’t have any others so I had to begin searching again to find something capable of keeping out the cold. There was nothing I wanted at Pringles. No.3 on the agenda for the morning was to return the car. I thought I’d have to prise the keys out of Alex’ hand but he was resigned to letting them go after I let him stroke them in his pocket until all the people waiting to collect a vehicle had been processed and left the Office. He’s hoping for a nice upgrade, maybe to a Merc, when we go back again in a couple of weeks.

We walked to Eastgate to meet up with Lena for some shoe/boot shopping. Lena and I were both trying to find some good walking footwear but we had no luck in that department Eventually I did settle on a jacket, not as cosy at all but at least waterproof with a nice polar fleece lining.

To celebrate a significant event we went out to dinner at Zizzi’s, an Italian Restaurant, and had a lovely meal. When we came back Mark Jnr decided we’d play Squatter which was a lot of fun until we were all too tired to make rational decisions, or in the case of the Banker, to make any decisions at all. At almost 11:30 it was time to call it quits. Organising ourselves for the trip to the islands will have to start tomorrow.

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