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Archive for May 9, 2013


I didn’t trust my internal alarm clock enough so kept waking up to check the time so I think it will be an early night for me. It was a short ferry trip today, and the sea was calm. Standing on the leeward side was fine, we could watch the seabirds and wonder where they were going and how far they could go without a rest. I watched one for ages flying just above the water but eventually it disappeared from sight.

Because we landed before 9:00 there was no chance to get into our Hotel so Mark drove around for a while then went to the Information Centre where Catriona told us about ALL the things to see on Uist (north and South) and Benbecula. When Lena and Alex were able to get out of the Office we went over te causeway to Eriskay. I was hoping to see some of the wild ponies but all we saw were the piles they’d left behind. We had a nice walk along the Machair (the grassland just above the beach) and discovered a cairn built by school children marking the bay as the one where Bonnie Prince Charlie landed in 1745 when he came from France to raise an army to repel the English and reclaim the throne for the Stewarts.

On our little voyage of discovery we saw many ruined Black Houses, big impressive houses boarded up and falling into disrepair and several small religious grottos. South Uist is a strongly Catholic area while North Uist is Protestant. Not sure about Benbecula which sits in the middle!

Because the Poll a Charra Inn, aka Polchara Hotel, has steep stairs which are a real challenge for Mark, we’ll only stay here for one night instead of two and tomorrow after Alex has played golf at Askernish we’ll move on to our B and B in north Uist. We went to see the course a little while ago and the sheep and cows were very content there so it must be a good place. I’m going to walk around the course and depending on the ferociousness of the weather Alex might have a very high price to pay for my company! (He says “caddying services” but he’s delusional if he thinks that!)