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Archive for May 10, 2013

North Uist

Left Polcharra Hotel after a big breakfast and drove to Askernish Golf Course. The weather was much better than yesterday, which was a relief, still windy and cold but no rain at all. There is visual proof that I carried the bag (at some stage) but I’m not daft! I was laughing at Alex’s predicament on one hole when the ball was sunk right into a juicy cow pat but then we discovered it wasn’t his at all. I found another ball on that same hole, a brand new one with a graphic of Laurel and Hardy on it. The wind was very strong and more than once Alex had to retrieve his hat. I started out with no hat on but ended up with a Polar fleece hat on and scarf wrapped around me because the wind was blasting my ear and making it ache. After the 12th hole I decided to take a break and found a lovely high spot near the 15th tee. Only one group of golfers came through when I was there and after smiles and hellos, I told them I was the Style Judge. It must have really freaked out golfer number 3 because his shot only made it to the Ladies’ tee. He only earned a 1 for style and that was because he didn’t have on plus fours. I was expecting the last hole to be a stunner leading up to the Clubroom but the land is used not only by Golfers but also crofters. In the middle were some cultivated bits and a yard for tractors and equipment. I did think the cows that scrutinised putts and the sheep which were definitely on the lookout for hooks and slices added something special to the last hole. It was a very interesting walkabout and I think removing the cows and sheep for the summer means the high season tourists miss out.

After Askernish Mark and Lena picked us up and we went to Kildonan for some hot soup. Driving from South Uist through Benbecula to North Uist involves crossing several causeways. When I’ve looked at maps before I always thought it was really one long island but now I’ve seen it I know better. There is a phenomenal amount of water lying about so it’s difficult to comprehend that last year people here were on water restrictions and buying drinking water because of the hot summer. I haven’t seen any big rainwater tanks, only small butts catching runoff.

It’s now 10:00 and the light is just fading. We’ll have to shut the curtains tonight because I was awake at 5:15 because of the light. The days are long here now.