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Golf Day at Strathpeffer

Today started warm and sunny, not a cloud in the sky, the promise of another perfect day…. somewhere. Here it was OK at first with only a few clouds and it didn’t seem too cold. I left the house without a jumper or jacket on but did put them in the car. On the way to Strathpeffer I saw another Fly Fisherman and this time I managed to get a photo, he was up to his waist in the water.

Alex’s booking was for 10:00 at Strathpeffer and as soon as we arrived the jumper and jacket went on and I knew I should have left my beanie and scarf in my backpack. It was daft to think they were only needed on the islands.

There were only a couple of cars in the Carpark and as soon as we’d organised the buggy etc we were off. I THOUGHT I was joking when I said I’d be using my Jeep Club training but the track beside the 1st hole made me really wonder what I was in for. The Golf Course truly is a beautiful setting and so much easier to appreciate when you’re tootling about in a buggy rather than trudging up and down all the hills.

The only weather we missed out on today was snow! Luckily when the hail came down we were able to shelter in a little hut. Every time I stopped I tried to position the buggy so the plastic windscreen would take the wind head on but it was impossible to get good protection. The guy in the pro shop had warned us that we shouldn’t have any trouble with the buggy apart from the 18th where we must stay on the buggy track because it was quite precipitous and slippery anywhere else. When I saw the hole I realised what he meant and certainly wouldn’t have been keen to head off straight down from the top but the buggy track was fine.

Alex has decided that Strathpeffer is a Golf Course every golfer should play but I think the golfer who duffed his shot on the 15th at Askernish should ignore that advice. He would have lost balls in a pond, in bracken, in the Machair, heaps of places before he got anywhere near the fairway.

After we’d finished we went into Dingwall to Grant’s Café for a warm up and some lunch. An ideal place for both.