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Archive for May 24, 2013

Fort George

It’s my day off from blogging today, Alex and Lena went into Fort George while I had a snooze in the car. They went in and walked around with an audio thingie. They watched a short film about the different regiments. Their paternal grandfather served in the Seaforth Highlanders in WW1 and was killed in action. He’s buried in Meteren Cemetery in the north of France. His widow was left with four young children at home, their dad was the oldest child aged 7.

The garrison was built by the English rulers after the 1745 rebellion (Bonnie Prince Charlie’s failed rebellion) to impose order on the unruly Scots. It’s still a working garrison and the Squaddies were going about their business. (Some were out on the firing range disturbing my sleep.) Some were lined up in civvies waiting to get their “Permission to go slips”. The building looks as though it hasn’t been changed since it was built.

In the Museum there were poignant messages sent from soldiers to their families during WW1 and WW2 and personal belongings including a mud splattered kilt which belonged to a soldier injured at The Somme. In the Ex Governor and Commander in Chief’s living quarters they had uniforms you could try on and take selfies. One of the staff suggested Alex try on a kilt and show off his legs but he declined. He did find a jacket the same as his dad would have worn in the Royal Artillery but it was apparently meant for an undersized soldier so it was too small for Alex.

Since both Alex and Lena have dodgy knees they ascended the steep, wet, grassy ramparts to see the gun placements (all original) very carefully and descended even more carefully.

I was startled out of my sleep when the back door of the car suddenly opened. Their tour was over.

I won’t be blogging tomorrow, it’s a private family day.