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Archive for May 26, 2013


Yesterday we drove past Dulnavert Cottages where Alex’s family used to live then we went to Inshriach Nursery. When Alex was young his mum worked at “The Big House” (Home of Major and Mrs Drake) and Alex got his first job working there when he was 15. He was the farm’s dogsbody, cleaning horse harnesses, cutting Ragwort aka Stinking Willie, painting gates and picking produce from the Kitchen Garden. Mr Jack, son of Major Drake established the Alpine Nursery at Inshriach. The original potting shed, has now become a Tearoom called, “The Potting Shed” and the rest is was just the way Alex remembered it. From inside the café you can sit and watch birds through big windows. People told me you could always see Red Squirrels there feeding but they must have been away on holiday yesterday.

We came home along the old A9, which was the main road from the south to Inverness until shortly before we left in 1978. Alex worked on the bridge building at Tomatin. At Carr Bridge we stopped to check out the old Packhorse Bridge (built before Alex could legally leave school).

Tonight we had a nice meal out to celebrate Lena’s birthday, I’m DEFINITELY due for some serious walking and salad eating when we get home.