Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Lazy Sunday

Nothing special today. After going to a “Car Boot Sale” in a Leisure Centre Hall we went looking for Highland Cow teatowels, everyone loves them don’t they? Alex realised he could drive across town without any help from the cyborg, I certainly couldn’t. There is no Ring Road, it doesn’t seem to matter where you want to go you always have to drive through narrow city streets and negotiate at least 3 complex roundabouts to get anywhere at all.

We’ve discovered that Tescos comes in three different sizes, small, medium and large. Small has the usual food and groceries, medium tosses in some clothes and large adds things like TVs. Very handy to know if we were staying longer.

I convinced Alex we should go for a walk along the canal despite his sore Achilles. There wasn’t much happening there, no boats going through the locks and no people fishing, just dog walkers and people like us. At the Marina there were a few people working on their boats, some either getting their luggage off or preparing to get it onto a boat and more people sitting on their boats, relaxing and enjoying the reasonable weather. One of the lockmasters told us he was about to go and check the lock levels. Apparently people who live nearby don’t like the sound of water cascading over the top of the lock so they have to release enough water from the base of the gates to make sure that doesn’t happen. I would have thought people who choose to live beside a canal would enjoy the sounds that emanate from it.

Tomorrow we plan to go to Aviemore so Alex, Colin and young Mark can have a game of golf at Dalfaber Country Club but it will probably depend on the weather. We might have had our allocation of good days!

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