Some places we've been and some places we're going.


Saturday. Where did it start and where did it end???? I’m amazed at the people who fall asleep before the plane has even left the Airport and wake just prior to landing, can only imagine they have discovered the ideal travelling drug. Alex did manage to fall asleep and missed take-off from Singapore. It’s astonishing that there isn’t total chaos. I watched as our plane moved away from the terminal and other planes came past from the right and immediately in front then eventually we moved into the line. It seemed a very long distance until the actual take-off runway and once again we waited as a plane took off then we moved up a bit as the next one went. It was like a line of ducks taking off from a pond with just minimal time between each one.

The flight was fine, I saw an amazing “Light Show”. I’ve never seen lightning like it before, instead of zigzags coming down it seemed to be explosions coming up from the ground. All silent, of course, apart from plane engine noise. We had just the two seats on a window side which was fine but the person who was able to stretch out across four seats must have had their best flight ever. Both of us managed some sleep but I needed to listen to music, estimating the number of tracks that would make each half hour pass, Alex watched a movie. The Flight Path screen is great and I was very happy to see we had a tail wind, at times 222kph! 2 hours exactly from our estimated arrival time the lights were abruptly switched on, no nice gentle use of the dimming switch this time! We were fed and watered offered Duty Free etc then just watched the arrival time count down.

This time I was the one who sailed through Immigration, past the multitudes with my Smart Pass, passport. At the Customs Check, Alex must have kept his Smugglers’ Smirk hidden this time because we were allowed  to go down Aisle 1 and straight out the door, I didn’t see anyone else do that! Matt’s face was a very welcome sight!

Now I remember when Saturday ended, it was at 4:00 in the afternoon when exhaustion swamped us and we HAD to sleep!

Here endeth the tale, hope you’ve enjoyed the blog.

Comments on: "Home" (3)

  1. Love the reminder of a light show from the plane….such an amazing sight isn’t it..

  2. Glad you liked it Doug, luckily for us we know there will be some sun before very long and the wind doesn’t blow all the time! It was a good holiday though, now we just have to get back to “normal”.

  3. Doug Callow said:

    Enjoyed the blog. Not as exhausting as your WA trip, but a lot colder. You’ve brought the weather back with you!

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