Some places we've been and some places we're going.


Lena drove us to the station then went on to work, we went on to London. Her journey was quick, our journey was s-l-o-w! I did see a Roe Deer with antlers near Gleneagles & more Pheasants showed off their glorious colours but no interesting Hebridean Sheep or anything. I had a couple of naps but we were both watching the clock, we wouldn’t go by train to Inverness again, Alex thinks it doesn’t really live up to the Poiret depiction.

We have never had such bulky bags before, mine has even had the expansion zip opened so we were glad the Hotel was right near Kings Cross Station. The Hotel looks brand new but is actually a refurbished old one. After we’d unloaded our gear we were ready to find some “Green Space” and were told the Camley Street Nature Park was up the road a bit so that’s where we went. It was like someone had bodgied up their garden in the middle of a jungle. It was late though and we barely got past the front before we were feeling nervous about being locked in and we’d seen some canal activity so we went back to where we’d come in. The great big gates were locked, luckily there was a girl nearby who told us the little side gate was open. We walked along Pancras Road until we were able to make our way down to the lock.

Watching canal barges going through the lock was fascinating, especially when one guy ahd two barges lashed together and he had no deckies so had to manouver his barges and operate the lock gates by himself. After we’d seen enough on the canal we walked along until we came to the Art School where there were some excellent water features that sounded just like marching as the various sections switched on and off. There were also several buildings decorated with Silver Foil.

Gawd Orrmighty, now he finks he’s a Cockney!

Tried to blog but my laptop won’t connect. Bah Humbug.

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