Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Singapore Airport

Have just landed in Singapore and the sun has gone down, midday UK time. The flight was much better than previous ones, no busting ear drums and be both managed to get some sleep. The worst part of it was probably the guy sitting directly in front of us who would have set off the gas alarm in a Sewerage Plant.

The shades were down the whole flight to simulate night and in a few hours we’ll begin the next leg and it really will be night, I wonder if we’ll nap again. There are people up here on the 3rd level sleeping in Banana Lounges but we’ve decided to just sit in the big chairs and walk about to stretch our legs. Alex has a Tiger beer so he’ll be content. (Tiger Beer at Changi Airport café S$13, The Sidewalk in downtown Singapore S$5.20)

Holidays are exciting, illuminating and really enjoyable but there’s nothing quite like going home!

Comments on: "Singapore Airport" (3)

  1. Is Singapore airport the one with the Butterfly House? I think it may be. We’ve got to get down there some year. Looks great!

  2. The Singapore airport is in a class all its own. I felt like I was in a shopping mall, not an airport!

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