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Sunday Nov 2nd – Stanley

You will all be surprised to know ….amazed more likely….. that I was awake and alert at 5:30! I knew there was going to be a wake up call for everyone at 5:45 because disembarking was starting at 6:30 so I was mentally prepared. There were no issues with disembarking then we crossed the river, parked in Coles carpark and went for a walk along the river. It was bracing. We did some shopping then headed west. We had breakfast at Turner’s Beach then pottered about the town of Penguin for a while before driving on towards Stanley.

Most of the time we tried to stay on the smaller roads, at one time we were driving parallel with the dual carriageway with just a strip of grass between us. The roads have been very good so far though we expect them to be less well maintained the further west we go. Luckily when we were on the ship we spoke to someone in the Tourist Information booth about our plans and she told us a ferry we’d intended using had been out of action for months. We would have had a very long backtrack if we’d continued that way.

We went to Table Cape lighthouse and went for a nice short walk. Cars we saw on the ferry keep reappearing, a ute zoomed into the lighthouse carpark, looped around and zoomed out again. I think his list of “must sees” is so extensive he has no time to actually stop at any. After that we went into Stanley and decided to get a cabin because the wind was still blasting us, we’ve found a sheltered campsite and have booked it for tomorrow night.

Our big exertion today was climbing up “The Nut”, a plug of volcanic basalt. There is a chairlift but I swear we walked the STEEP zigzag path. There is a loop walk on the plateau and I found a geocache there which was great. Dinner tonight was very nice Flathead and chips.

While I’m sticking with Geocaching as my hobby Alex has found a new one, U turns! Before you say that’s because my navigation skills are so bad but that isn’t the case, like an enthusiastic ballroom dancer he just decides it’s time for a spin in the road so round he goes. He LOVES Tasmanian roads!

We have “pets” at this cabin, 2 alpacas, their yard extends behind us but they maintain a completely superior attitude and refuse to socialise. Everyone else seems friendly.

Over the Stormy Sea

After our delicious coffee and hot chocolate we took a jaunt out through Halls Gap to the Bellfield Dam, how many tones of lovely Pink Granite are just dumped to make up the dam wall? We didn’t walk all the way across the wall because of the fierce wind but went back to the Caravan Park to pack up the camper which we hoped would have dried out a bit. The plastic shower curtain and table cloth were put over the bed just in case something wet came into contact with it. Between wind gusts we managed to pack down the camper and were then off.


No detours round bushfires today, just straight to Arrarat. We changed drivers at the lousy Dalseford motorway Services then came straight to the Station Pier area, departure point for the ferry. Parking is all metered, $4.80 per hour and we would need 2 because we take up 2 spaces so we roamed about the town instead. Someone had suggested Coles was a good place to park and we did get one there so that did us for 2 hours. We also went along the beaches in both directions and tried a couple of walks but the wind blasting us in the face wasn’t enjoyable so we sat in the car until it was time to line up for the ferry.

There are 150 BMW motorbikes on the ferry, some are road riders and some offroad. They’re on their annual safari and come from all over Australia. I’ll be interested to see how many cross paths with us over the next couple of weeks. I’ve taken a couple of Phenergen tablets and hope there is no repeat of my last sea crossing experience. J

Follow up: I slept while Alex went up to enjoy some fresh sea air, he came back in about 9:00 and started feeling a bit queasy when he lay down because the ship had started to rock. I woke up when the ship was hitting big waves and you could hear the crack of the hull on the water. We had rock and roll but it didn’t worry me at all. Alex wasn’t worried either though he might have been if he’d known then here was no lifejacket under his bunk. It was a rough crossing.


Having troubles blogging and posting photos. 😦

Success maybe??????

Bikes free to take and ride within the area, some helmets have gone.

Bikes free to take and ride within the area, some helmets have gone.

Some of the BMWs

Some of the BMWs