Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Stanley to Corinna and Back

Back to old school, finding Internet Access at the local Library!

Today we moved from a cabin to a powered site, you can have too much luxury. We went to the Brown Dog for a coffee, hot chocolate and lemon cake for breakfast because someone had moved onto our sheltered site and wouldn’t be off until 10:00. The Brown Dog is a wonderful shop, selling everything from coffee etc to shaving brushes, genuine Swiss army knives, hedgehog shoe scrapers to French organic toiletries.

After moving the camper we left for Corinna an old gold mining town, we took the Western Highway which was a good dirt road and very, very quiet. We went through a wide range of vegetation, some parts looked very like the Dava Moor in Scotland,a big area of low scrubby bushes spreading over mostly flat ground. Other parts were lush temperate rainforest or big areas of plantation timber. There were incredible Cypress Pine hedges and having felt the winds it’s easy to see that it was sensible people who planted the hedges many years ago.

After stopping several times to admire beautiful rivers we became quite blasé about them. We were looking forward to some tasty, filling lunch at Corinna but all that was on offer were some hot chips which we did enjoy. The manager of the Hotel/Lodge was Ewan, from Forres, a town not far from where we lived in Scotland. After our chips and drink we walked a little way along a boardwalk which was marked with interesting information boards. Huon Pines were harvested in the area and floated down the river.

We came back to Stanley along faster roads but it still seemed to take ages. Everyone says that you need to be prepared for the time it takes to travel fairly short distances but I don’t understand why it took so long. We didn’t see any logging trucks because it’s a holiday here and very little traffic, but it was a long day.

Tonight we went down to the beach and saw baby penguins coming out of their burrows, impatient to be fed by their parents which were taking too long to come back after fishing all day. I didn’t see the Tasmanian Devil which apparently appears near the Caravan Manager’s garden every night but we saw plenty dead beside the roads today.

The “geriatric geezer” did 9 twirls or U turns today, I suspect he’ll do a few tomorrow which I won’t know about because he’s booked in to play golf early in the morning when I plan to be snug in bed.

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