Some places we've been and some places we're going.

What a day! We were up early and discovered how much hot water you get in the shower for $1, the answer is, plenty. After the shower and breakfast we went off for the Tahune Air Walk. We drove through Franklin and other little places until we came to Geeveston. One thing I’ve noticed in Tasmania is, many people have enormous woodpiles. The best I’ve seen are the yards with gigantic logs in them and people cut off a few rounds, split them and stack them. I presume when they’ve worked their way through the giant logs they get in more. I also presume every house has a big chainsaw.

At Geeveston we called into the Bakery and checked out some of the wooden sculptures that are dotted all over the town. They celebrate the lives of significant people from the area. From Geeveston we headed towards the Southern State Forest and Tahune I didn’t before we began the lovely walks there we took the Eagle Glide. It was great, only wish it had been longer because I didn’t get to feel like the Magpies that swoop down into our gully.

There were heaps of walks around Tahune and also the wonderful Airwalk, a long metal structure at tree top height –well the height of some trees but not the giants. The last section juts out over the forest at the junction of the Picton and Huon rivers. When we were crossing one of the big suspension bridges canoeists were coming down the river and I hoped to see them go under the bridge but we had to move off because other people started crossing the bridge from the opposite direction.

After we’d spent as much time as we could at Tahune we went to the Hastings Caves, you could only go into them as part of a guided tour so we did that. They are impressive, not like the Naraccorte Caves, I think more stalagtites and stalagmites in a more confined area. It was well worth seeing.

I thought we’d head back to camp after that but Alex thought we could make it to Cockle Creek, almost the most southerly place in Tasmania that you can reach by road. There is a sculpture of a Southern Right Whale calf down near the beach. I was thrilled when I managed to find a cache using my mobile, I’m sure I’ll never find another one as far south and it’s a match for the ones I found in Stornoway when we were there.

It was a great day and I even saw an echidna when we were driving away from Tahune, maybe tomorrow on the way to the Freycinet Peninsula we’ll see a Tasmanian Devil or a quoll or a Bandicoot. It ‘s doubtful we’ll have any Internet coverage before we get to Bridport on Wednesday where 

surely they’ll have WiFi at the golf course.

Comments on: "Huonville- Tahune Air Walk etc" (6)

  1. My part of the world, right in my backyard. Oh, by the way it is Tahune (with an E). lad you got to see the best bit of Tassie 😉

  2. Tasmania is such a wonderful place – so pretty and so much to see and do.

  3. What Adelaide could do in the hills, with bridges and chair lifts. Just to many no way goers in this place. I thought when you went to these out of way places no internet was the go. Do the people that live there have it. Maybe the tourist bureau needs to give the parks a jab. Would love to see the wood carvings

    • Some places have dodgy internet access but I think my laptop was also part of the problem, for whatever reason it would log into some networks but not others. WiFi in the town, just choose a spot and away you go.

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