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Strahan to Huonville


When we were on the boat yesterday we were told it rains for 300 days of the year in Strahan so we were extraordinarily lucky to have such a beautiful day for our trip up the Gordon River. This morning it was overcast but the sun did come out as we drove south so maybe Strahan had another sunny day.

Queenstown was a revelation, just desolation of the hills but as was pointed out on one of the boards, we all use copper in our phones and computers etc. I think it’s purely money though that drives the methods they use. There has to be a better way.

Most of our drive today was on the main road but the cyborg did take us on a 20km shortcut along forestry roads which was a nice diversion. Alex had driven for over 3 hours when we stopped at a funny little place called Ouse for lunch, not much there apart from the IGA but there was a nice feel to the place.

After we arrived in Huonville it became more and more overcast then the rain came down. We both got quite wet but decided it wasn’t going to ease off so came over to the Amenities shed to make dinner. It’s really well set up with multiple power points, microwave, hotplates and a pizza oven which Alex used to cook our gourmet pies. Once again no internet onsite but there is a place in town. Cool man. Next to the community garden. They shut at 5:00 but if you’re still there they don’t boot you out, just won’t serve any food. We think the character of Franklin/Gordon/Pedder protestors lives on here.

Weather tomorrow is supposed to be 20deg. and sunny so that should be great.

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  1. I remember thise clouds well from our camping trip in Tassie 🙂

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