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Stresses and Strains

Well I think for the moment we’re up to date but I have to admit it’s been quite stressful not having access to the Internet, it’s also much better when I can write something and publish it just after it’s happened. I’m struggling to match photos and text after 3 whole days!!!!!! Next time we go off on a jaunt I’ll definitely take an internet dongle.

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  1. Maybe you need a GPS tracking device. I have one, it’s small (about 2x5x3 cm) and it tracks where you go against the time you were there (no internet required). Then when you upload your photos to your computer, you also upload the GPS data. Simple to use software adds your position to the photo file using time as a reference. Then you can then find the exact spot you took the photo by opening it on a mapping app eg Google Earth. I find it wonderful. If you want more info, I have a post on this – see

    • Thanks for the suggestion about the GPS, my camera actually has a GPS function but I choose not to use it because of battery life. I really need to download/upload daily or I find it a chore. Hopefully I won’t get caught again, even in very isolated places it was rare to have no signal at all so a 4G dongle wold be ideal, I think.

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