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Things We Learnt This Time

We always need to buy some clothes no matter what we think when leaving home.

It’s a mistake to think laundry will be done right in the middle of the holiday.

We will need an Internet dongle next time we go away.

Two weeks is only long enough to get a tiny taste of Tassie.


Hope you enjoyed reading the blog. 🙂

Map of our travels:

See all the gaps? That's where we haven't been yet!

See all the gaps? That’s where we haven’t been yet!

Devonport to Home

I awoke about 4:00 and thought the ferry had stopped, I was amazed that we had arrived so quickly as I could see the lights of what I thought was Melbourne. I knew we wouldn’t be disembarking until 6:30 so went back to sleep. At 5:30 we were both awake and the ferry was moving slowly towards Melbourne, I’d been mistaken and the lights I’d seen before were the lights of Geelong.

After making good use of the lovely hot shower we organised ourselves and thought we’d go out onto the deck to watch the sunrise but there was a fly in that ointment. Smoking is only allowed outside so it seemed that wherever we stood we were in range of smoke so we went back into the lounge.

Our car section was the last one to disembark, Alex had put our destination into the GPS so figured we’d be fine getting out of Melbourne. No. The cyborg told us to turn left when everyone else was turning right. Alex believed the cyborg and we headed for an area where semis were heading into a loading area. Luckily we were able to do a loop around and get back into the lane going towards the city and the West Gate Bridge.

We had a photo stop and breakfast at Ballarat then just continued on the freeway. Another photo stop for the Kaniva sheep and lunch then off again. We saw a few caravans heading off in the opposite direction and I was sorry our holiday was over but it is nice to be home.

Maybe we’ll get to Tassie again and have more time so we can revisit the places we loved and go to places we couldn’t manage this time, there’s certainly plenty to see and do.

Bridport to Devonport

Before heading off to Launceston we went to Barnbougle –Lost Farm, the Course aimed at those who like a more manicured course and accommodation in a resort setting. When Alex had seen all he wanted to we left for Scottsdale again as that was the better way for us to get to Launceston. After our breakfast at the Cottage Bakery in Scottsdale we headed for Launceston, the roads were again twisting and fairly narrow but nothing scarey. We stopped at a lookout which gave us a great view of the valley with Scottsdale below, a couple of the BMW riders who had been on the ferry coming over also stopped at the lookout. Their bikes looked as though they’d been over a few rough dirt roads. There were some more wood sculptures at Springfield so of course we had to stop there.

Because we’d left early we had plenty of time to spend in Launceston so we prowled around the town after we found a park. That’s not so easy when you have a camper attached but we did manage it and the meter was the type where you key in your space number then put in the money. There is no ticket to display, all the info for the different parking spaces are in the one meter. When we’d tired of the city we went to Cataract Gorge and on the way in Alex spotted a nice big Echidna. There was of course the obligatory U turn when we continued up the road instead of turning into the park. There were raucous Peacocks in the park and plenty of steps and you know whenever you go down you must come back up!

After Launceston we just drove up the main freeway to Devonport, found a park in the Woolies carpark and walked into town to get something to eat before heading to the Ferry lineup. Unlike last time I managed to stay awake and stood on deck until the ferry left Devonport and it became too cold. We watched the sunset through our cabin porthole. The crossing this time was gentle with no rocking, rolling or crashing of the hull into waves so we had a good night’s sleep.