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Bridport- Barnbougle- Rossdale

The Geriatric Geezer persona had to be put on hold for the day, that wouldn’t have gone down well once he’d made a couple of slipups and people realized it was just a role he was playing. I think he would have just been Alex, the golfer, for the day. He couldn’t have picked a nicer day, there was sunshine and no wind.

After my session at the Scottsdale Library I went off to find some caches, the first was in a gorgeous park with ponds, little bridges, gazebos etc. The kind of place that thoughtful cachers choose to hide their little secrets. The second was near the cemetery not far from some graves, I think there might have been bad bushfires in 1990.

I headed back to Bridport to check out a Wildflower Sanctuary which was a bit disappointing but I certainly enjoyed the lunch I’d bought at the Baker’s in Scottsdale. The caches I found were all close to the beachfront and by the time I’d finished I needed to change into cooler clothes. I did a few more walks about the town before heading back to Barnbougle, by then it was 4 30. I thought Alex might be sunburnt but only the backs of his legs were red. They were also almost at the point of twitching too because he’d completed 2 rounds, 36 holes in a day! Both rounds he was able to play solo which pleased him.

After some recuperation time and nice showers we went over to the clubhouse for a meal in The Bistro. There were some very interesting trophies sitting on the big fireplace mantelpiece, my favourites were a real Crow, beautifully stuffed, and a big bone on a rough wooden backboard. I don’t know the stories behind the trophies but the bone one was for a women’s group. We had a very nice meal though not the lobster Alex was anticipating. Wallabies came out to feed in the tall grasses while we fed inside.

It was an excellent day for both of us.

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  1. Your trip reminds me so much of ours – we had a great time too.

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